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Snare Drum

Snare Drum rental


Standard Snare Drum Rental

A snare drum rental gets you a quality student model percussion kit that will meet the needs of beginners of all ages. The majority of the snare drums we rent are Mapex, but depending on available inventory, some used snare drums may be from other brands. Our quality control makes sure all used instruments are in excellent condition and good playing order. All new snare drums are Mapex brand. All snare drum rentals come with a snare drum, a tripod stand, a pair of drum sticks, practice pad, and case.


We strongly suggest everyone to purchase the following accessories with a snare drum rental:

  • Music Stand
  • The book required by your band class
  • Any other pairs of sticks or mallets you might need

Rental Benefits Summary

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  • Best Rent-to-Own Program in the Pacific Northwest
  • Quality instructor approved instrument
  • Built in maintenance policy that covers wear and tear